Our Transport Fleet

Our modern transport fleet includes 40 low noise and
low emissioned tank lorries which transport liquid foodstuff all over Europe.
We are committed both - national and international.

We are specialized in relations in whole Europe.

All trucks are equipped with satellite-assisted telematic systems and mobile phones.

Our cargos are edibl oils and -fats, chocolate, milk, wine, fruit juice concentrate and fresh fruit mash.
Our clients are foodstuff producers, hosts and agents.


All our tanks are made of stainless steel, heatable and they are isolated very well.

The capacities of the tanks are from 29.000 ltr. to 33.000 ltr., divided in upto 3 units with different volumes.

All units are calibrated.

All trucks are fitted out with compressors for unloading with pressure and tubes.

Additionally we deploy trucks with pump and steril filter.